“All bikes purchased at BMB come with 1-year of free service and we do expert bike repairs on all brands of bikes, even when you buy elsewhere.”
— Bicycle Jim

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Calling friendly & motivated bike assemblers and salesmen. We’d like you to join our hive in a happy and friendly environment.


An opportunity to work with us is waiting'…



Learning how to fix bikes through “Great Opportunities” has shown Jonathon a skill that he enjoys. Working at “Buy My Bikes” with the other guys has made him feel part of the hive. They joke and laugh throughout the day and his Spanish is useful to many people in the community. “Compren Mis Bicicletas.”



Senior repair man since the 80’s. His motto: “Enjoy your bicycles, the outdoors and the thrill that it brings.



Meet the man with patience and technical skill. 35 years ago Dave started working in a bike shop rather then his father’s appliance repair shop. He never looked back and refuses to grow up. The culture within “Buy My Bikes” allows him to be more comfortable and free with himself.



With 30 years of experience, Eric has come to find out that bikes have market trends. Today it’s about mountain bikes. “I love these local mountains with there amazing sunsets.” Jim gives him the power to purchase, so he said he understands that color matters...“I somehow have a knack for this even when the job just fell in my lap.”



In the 70s, road-bikes were becoming popular and his interest in fixing bikes, happened in graduate school when he started working part-time at a Newport boardwalk bike-shop. After attending the “The Beach” (Cal State Long Beach), he worked at a non profit which dealt with residential treatment for abused kids. After being part of a team to help provide better living at 14 Indian Reservations, He started his own non profit which brings him to raising money as a part-timer at Buy-My-Bikes. Being here allows him to continue Sasbe Avanzondo which is a charity that provides medical supplies to extremely pouverished areas like Sonora, Chihuahua, Sinaloa, and Lima Peru.



Master fixer, known as the MacGyver in the bike shop. And on days off ...surfing, skating and eating Mexican food keeps him happy. “ I am laid back because I was born and raised near the ocean.”



Started BMX ing, in Northern England at age 10 near Manchester, where he was known as the odd man out! That’s until other kids started to ride. “ I learned to build, my own bike and ride without fear, which landed me the nick-name “Frame-A- Day” for breaking one on a bike often.” He’s also been around Hollywood a bit with an acting part in a Budweiser commercial at Super-Bowl-halftime, along with being a ring-side extra in Will Smith’s Muhammad Ali movie. His motto: “Everyday is cool and can’t get uptight,” in a place near the coast.

Our employees are taken care of with commissions and free lunch; in addition to an hourly-wage. Full and part-time positions are available. Buzz on by the shop & send your resume to jim@buymybikes.com
{It’s a hive!}
(949) 493-5611.